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(a) LOCAL AWARDS- Grant funds awarded to local educational agencies under this subpart shall be used for any of the following:

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(1) Teacher recruitment and retention, including the use of signing bonuses and other financial incentives.

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(2) Teacher professional development, including programs that train teachers to utilize technology to improve teaching and to train special needs teachers.

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(3) Educational technology, including software and hardware, as described in part D of title II.
(4) Parental involvement activities.

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(5) Activities authorized under the Safe and Drug-Free Schools program under part A of title IV.

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(6) Activities authorized under part A of title I.

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(7) Activities authorized under title III.

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(b) ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS- A State educational agency receiving a grant under this subpart may not use more than 5 percent of the amount of the grant for State administrative costs and to provide technical assistance to eligible local educational agencies.