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(a) IN GENERAL- The Secretary is authorized to award grants to eligible local educational agencies to enable the local educational agencies to carry out activities authorized under any of the following provisions:

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(1) Part A of title I.

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(2) Part A or D of title II.

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(3) Title III.

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(4) Part A or B of title IV.

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(5) Part A of title V.

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(1) IN GENERAL- Except as provided in paragraph (3), the Secretary shall award a grant under subsection (a) to a local educational agency eligible under section 6211(b) for a fiscal year in an amount equal to the initial amount determined under paragraph (2) for the fiscal year minus the total amount received by the agency under the provisions of law described in section 6211(c) for the preceding fiscal year.

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(2) DETERMINATION OF INITIAL AMOUNT- The initial amount referred to in paragraph (1) is equal to $100 multiplied by the total number of students in excess of 50 students, in average daily attendance at the schools served by the local educational agency, plus $20,000, except that the initial amount may not exceed $60,000.

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(A) IN GENERAL- If the amount made available to carry out this section for any fiscal year is not sufficient to pay in full the amounts that local educational agencies are eligible to receive under paragraph (1) for such year, the Secretary shall ratably reduce such amounts for such year.

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(B) ADDITIONAL AMOUNTS- If additional funds become available for making payments under paragraph (1) for such fiscal year, payments that were reduced under subparagraph (A) shall be increased on the same basis as such payments were reduced.

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(c) DISBURSEMENT- The Secretary shall disburse the funds awarded to a local educational agency under this section for a fiscal year not later than July 1 of that fiscal year.

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(d) SPECIAL ELIGIBILITY RULE- A local educational agency that is eligible to receive a grant under this subpart for a fiscal year is not eligible to receive funds for such fiscal year under subpart 2.