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It looks like the state can change the assessment process based on changing content standards. Can the state also change the assessment from test based to something else?

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The Secretary shall make grants to States to enable the States —

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(1) to pay the costs of the development of the additional State assessments and standards required by section 1111(b), which may include the costs of working in voluntary partnerships with other States, at the sole discretion of each such State; and

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(2) if a State has developed the assessments and standards required by section 1111(b), to administer those assessments or to carry out other activities described in this subpart and other activities related to ensuring that the States schools and local educational agencies are held accountable for results, such as the following:

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(A) Developing challenging State academic content and student academic achievement standards and aligned assessments in academic subjects for which standards and assessments are not required by section 1111(b).

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(B) Developing or improving assessments of English language proficiency necessary to comply with section 1111(b)(7).

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(C) Ensuring the continued validity and reliability of State assessments.

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(D) Refining State assessments to ensure their continued alignment with the States academic content standards and to improve the alignment of curricula and instructional materials.

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(E) Developing multiple measures to increase the reliability and validity of State assessment systems.

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(F) Strengthening the capacity of local educational agencies and schools to provide all students the opportunity to increase educational achievement, including carrying out professional development activities aligned with State student academic achievement standards and assessments.

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(G) Expanding the range of accommodations available to students with limited English proficiency and students with disabilities to improve the rates of inclusion of such students, including professional development activities aligned with State academic achievement standards and assessments.

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(H) Improving the dissemination of information on student achievement and school performance to parents and the community, including the development of information and reporting systems designed to identify best educational practices based on scientifically based research or to assist in linking records of student achievement, length of enrollment, and graduation over time.